Christ United Ministry


God loves when people are moved to love others, in fact, He commands us to love others.  Christ United Ministry is dedicated to following the examples of Jesus in loving others and making disciples.  This is not an easy task but one that we feel is absolutely necessary in light of how dark the world has become.

We seek support in a number of ways:

1.  Prayer!  The best support you could give us in our mission is to pray God's Blessings on us in accordance with His Will.  Prayer is the most powerful force known to man.  Jesus showed the example of prayer to His disciples and taught them how to pray.  He also taught them the power that can be found in prayer.  

2.  Join Us!  Pray for God to lead you to be a part of a powerful ministry that will not only change the lives of others around you - I will tell you that it will change your life in a powerful and meaningful way.  We need your talents - some may love to cook - some may love to serve - some may love to take care of the equipment - and some may be called to be out in front to connect with the people we are called to serve.  Everyone has a role here and no one is more important than another!  Pray God's will on your life in being a part of this ministry.

3.  Money!  All ministries need money to operate and this is a fact of life.  God may use you to help support us by donating to this ministry.  We all have a role in God's plan and work so again, pray how God can use you and if it is through financial support - then you are blessed to provide that and we are blessed to receive that support!

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