Christ United Ministry

                                                                                                                                Welcome to our website

       Dr. Stan and Vicki Mars want to personally welcome you to this site.  We believe that we have been commanded by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28: 19 - 20 that we are to "GO" into the world and make DISCIPLES. THIS IS OUR MISSION!  Most churches have no clue how to do this so they don't.  We believe in the Small Group Format which is simply a small group of people going into the world and reaching out to others to begin a relationship with them.  We believe that Jesus FIRST had a relationship with His Disciples before He ever asked them to follow Him.  He worked, taught, prayed, lived, and loved every day with them to help them grow into His likeness and carry on His mission which was to MAKE DISCIPLES and we accomplish this through both the ministry.

       Before we ever try to make a person a disciple of Jesus we MUST extend the love of God to them by building that relationship.  We have found that when you extend love to another, they are moved to want to know more about you.  Once you have that established, then we help them CONNECT to the love of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation.  A person first must accept the plan of salvation if he/she desires to become a true disciple of Jesus.

     We use our Feeding Angels Feeding Ministry along with our BBQ Trailer to go into the communities to feed others at no cost to them.  This is one of our Small Group Formats, and as we grow, we believe that many others will want to develop their small group to begin to reach others.  We will post the other groups on a page as they develop.  

      Though Stan has the accomplishments of his academic background, he believes that the secret to the success of this ministry is found in the heart of his loving wife Vicki; "She is the most loving and caring person I have ever met and I am blessed to be her husband.  Vicki has the ability to love others in ways that have taught me the true meaning of love.  Vicki is also the best cook in the world and as she feeds others with her talent, it is clear they are drawn closer to her.  She can tell a person she loves them without speaking a word!"  As for the need to understand the mechanics of  how we allow God to move through them to love others, Stan has received his Masters Degrees in Theology, in Divinity, in Pastoral Counseling, as well as a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Liberty University.  Stan will also begin his Ph.D. program in Counseling in the Fall of 2019.   

     We encourage anyone who feels the need to serve God by serving others to pray about joining us in our ministry.  If you are looking for a positive change in your life - watch how God will do that as you help bring about a change in the life of another!  

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