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Awake and Arise

The Dying of the American Church

A Call For Reformation to Revival 

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We are so excited that our new book, "Awake and Arise - A Call for Reformation to Revival to the Dying American Church," is published and is available for purchase TODAY!!  It is a powerful book that cuts across the many genres so a greatly diverse population will be interested in this book. I want to offer a summary of the book to wet your appetite:


I must admit that the title of the book, though powerful, did not originate in my mind.  The title of this book was given to me by God Himself!  The "Dying of the American Church" was given to me when I was beginning to write my Thesis Project (Dissertation) at Liberty University.  I didn't know if the American church was dying but God gave that title to me and I began my research, and we shouldn't be surprized, but the data reveals that the majority of Amercian churches are either flat-lined or or in such a death spiral that they may as well be considered dead.  The research data reveals that the majority of people do not attend church anymore and we are now experiencing not just the impact of ex-church folks but folks that have never crossed the thresehold of a church.  The main title of this book, "Awake and Arise" was also given to me but not until He began to speak through me as I wrote this book.  It came from a couple of different places in the Bible but the main one was when Jesus was sent for to come and heal a little girl.  She died and the family was in deep grief.  When Jesus came in the room, He simply said she is alive and they said, no she is dead, but Jesus moved to her body and spoke to her saying, "Awake and Arise."  The little girl awoke and got out of bed.  Many of our churches are dying, and some are dead, but if we turn to the healing of Jesus Christ, we can find LIFE!  

As we conducted our research, it became abundantly clear that the death spiral was clearly attached to disobedience of mankind to the commandments of God - SIN.  One of the major areas revealed was the sin of  disobedience due to the rejection to obey the commandment of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 28: 19 - 20 that clearly teaches us to GO into all nations and MAKE DISCIPLES.  Jesus could have built a huge MEGA church in the deserts of Israel and have hundreds of thousands of people attending His church.  He, however, chose to utilize the small missional group format and simply work EVERY DAY with His chosen disciples.  Jesus was always making disciples and He left us with the commandment to do what He did.  WE FAILED!  The research data revealed in this book is without question a clear indication of this truth. This revelation led me to the next area of study and that was offered in John 13: 34-35 as Jesus says for us to love others as He loved us so the world would know we are His disciples.  Well, if we, as a body of Christ, are not in the business of making disciples, this reveals the true condition of our hearts - WE DON'T LOVE OTHERS!  If we loved others, as Jesus LOVED US, we would do everything in our power to help first connect others to the Father through Jesus Christ, and then help them become His disciples which is ultimately taking on the image and likeness of Jesus Christ (Genesis 1: 26). WE DON'T DO THAT!  

Now you may be thinking that this is a book of doom and gloom but it is actually a BOOK OF HOPE!  If we don't know there is a problem or if we won't confess there is a problem (sin), we can not move to resolution.  This is exactly how we got into this mess.  However, if we understand that we have, and are presently, in sin, we must confess our sins (1 John 1: 9) and He is faithful to forgive us.  We then must repent from our sins of disobedience and that is turning away from our sin and turning to God and if we do this, God will bless us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness and forgive us.  We can move from sin to righteousness and in this book I offer seven (7) areas of focus for a church to help sweep out any sin and begin to find REVIVAL!  Some of the areas of focus is as follows:  1. False Preachers/Teachers 2. Corrupt Leadship 3. Apathtic Congregations.  It can be hard to look at ourselves but if we don't accept the truth, we will never change our path and bring glory to God.  

If you can see this book as a book of HOPE, you will see the great need to begin to Do God's Church - God's Way!  I offer many solutions that are Biblical and come from experience of the many disciples that came before us in the time of Jesus as well as the 1st Century.  I hope you will open your heart to God, read this book, and allow the Holy Spirit to move you stand in His Truth for His Glory!  I pray blessings on all that read this book and for all that are moved to make the stand for Christ!  Blessings!

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