Christ United Ministry

Disciple Making Through Love


Our lives have been reorganized by the Power of the Holy Spirit.  The truths that Vicki and I have arrived at, and that have been given to us, have changed our lives.  We understand that we are connected to God, who is love, by the person of Jesus Christ, who is love, and we have been transformed into LOVE.  We agree with the scripture of 1 John 4: 8, "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."  God is love and one must be connected to Him to be transformed into love.  This is speaking of true love.  God is true love.  We judge no one, we have removed the hypocrisy from our lives, we stand only on the fact our beings have been transformed by God into that of a being of love.  His mission that we have accepted is to help others to be transformed by, and into, His love and to also grow in this love over a life time.  

Our hearts have been humbled by God to understand that He has invited us, and we have accepted His invitation, to join His mission of the extension of love to others to expand His Kingdom and bring love to all of God's creation.  If God moves you to cross our path, we will extend love to you in accordance with His Will.  We are not your God, we are not your Savior, but we are His vessels of love to extend this love to you.  We utilize the same vechicle that Jesus chose and that is the Small Missional Group format where, like in our church, we find intimate and loving venues that help others find security and trust to be open and grow in the relationship. 

This is how we live:
Daily Prayer:  We seek the guidance of God the Holy Spirit to lead us to those in need.  We have no idea of who, why, or where God will lead us but we obey and are open to His leading.  

Daily Obedience:  We must obey.  We are commanded to obedience of the commandments in John 14: 15, "If ye love me, keep my commandments."  We are called to make disciples (Matthew 28: 19-20) and to love others (John 13: 34-35), as well as other commandments.  Daily we are open to following and obeying the commandments. 

Daily Walk:  This sounds easy but each day we are led by God the Holy Spirit to those in need.  The need can be so many different things and we don't judge but simply obey.  Some people simply need a kind word, some need a friend, some need money, some need help!  God tells us through God the Holy Spirit how to extend His love.  Sometimes, we are moved to say no to a person's request.  Providing help and answers is so much easier than saying no.  However, a no is not from us but from God.  An example of this: A person comes to our door and asks to sleep in my home for the night and asks me to buy him a bottle of liquor - that is all he needs and if I love him, we would do that.  My first answer is this: We will first pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit.  God informs me to reject this request.  Many religious people would say in judgement, "You could at least give him a bed for the night" or "You could at least buy him dinner and give him a room at the hotel."  I used to be a person of judgement.  Later, after I reject this person's request, this person sleeps sober in the timber and is visited by an angel.  This experience connects him to God and his life is now changed forever.  He later comes to me and tells me how he hated me that first night, but now he offers love to me for following God's plan!  It is not my job to make a judgement on God's plan, but simply obey!  Many times if I use my judgement, I can interfere with the plan of God in the life of another and that is not my job.  

Daily Commitment:  This is what our church does Monday - Saturday.  We are always "GOing" to reach others for Christ and/or to help others in Christ to grow through discipleship.  This may sound easy but you have to make this commitment and live by it each day to see how God will change the "who" you are and it helps you become the disciple you are to become.  It also helps others in becoming the "who" they are to become in Christ.  If a person is not connected to God in Christ, we serve God by helping this person come to understand the love of God to accept the plan of salvation.  This is the first step on the discipleship ladder.  Once you are saved, then you are to grow in Christ and begin the life long process of being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  What ever a person's need is in this life, God will guide us and provide us the tools to help.  Our hearts are simply open to God to love others.

We are all called to love others (John 13: 34-35) and to make disciples (Matthew 28: 19-20).  We do this ministry as it is in the mission of God daily.  If you walk with us, you will begin to see how this ministry will change the lives of others, and importantly, it will change your life.  If you want to join us, let us know.  First, pray and then obey!  Blessings!
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